Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Forward: Motivation and Planning

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Now that we have looked closely at this first Principle, that “successful learning is heavily impacted by learner motivation”, and we have done a few activities to identify and reflect on the motivation we are carrying into our program, the next step is to begin to design a plan into which we can then pour ALL our motivated energies!

From one of my own language learning experiences, with the Jola language of southwestern Senegal, I had times of very high and very low motivation…and this definitely impacted how I was able to move forward!  I am sure each of you has experienced this as well – in whatever learning context you might have found yourself.

One especially high motivation time for me, which I seized and put to work with a strategic plan, was when I needed to have a “final” assessment.   The results would be used to help determine if I was proficient enough to take on full time tasks using the language.  I had put off taking this test, as I had struggled along for years, part time, learning the language using many different approaches.  But I chose the summer months that year to focus on preparing to achieve my goal – to “pass” the assessment.  I was very ‘fluent’ by then, but had developed some bad habits of not being very accurate at times, and not using a wide range of the language, either words or structures. So, I set up my very focused program plan, which was heavy on vocabulary and structures review.  I made a zillion little cards with words and phrases on them.  In addition to my “normal life” activities - I ate, slept and breathed reviewing those cards and delighted in using the language in many contexts with my expanded language skills!  I clearly recall walking along the beach one afternoon, working on some obscure phrase! 

Guess what?!  My plan worked!  The assessment went real well, including the part where I had to use Jola to describe how mongooses kill cobras, in India!  Since there is no word for “mongoose” in Jola, and Indian culture needed some explaining, it was a real challenge – but my weeks of planned review paid off!  All this to simply affirm that when we identify and harness our motivation, preparing and using a good strategic plan which reflects where we want to head…we WILL succeed!

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The Task

Proceeding into designing your program plan will be less effective if you haven’t completed the tasks to date.  So, take this week to review the postings to date, and to fill in the documents mentioned.  It truly is going to be worth the effort.  I promise!

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Learner ID: You should have completed the Educational Background and Motivation sections
at this point.  Gather your notes, or let me know if you want the full form.
(Review “Dimension #1: HOME” & “Principle #1- Motivation at Home” postings)

Learning Styles Index: Have your style preferences ready – you’ll be using them to choose techniques as you design your program plan.  If you haven’t done one of these yet, do one!  There are many online.  If you want to use the following one, send me your results and I’ll give you feedback: 
(select the link, keep your cursor on it and it will give you the choice to go to it)
(Review “Dimension #1 – HOME” posting)

Host Profile: This you should get started, and work on as you go along.  Contact me for the full form, or answer the questions in the “Motivation & My HOST” entry.
(Review “Dimension #2 – The HOST” & “Principle #1 – Motivation & My Host” postings)

HARBOR planning: have your initial ideas ready about what you will bring to offer, and how you would like to benefit from meeting and working with your Host in the Harbor!
(Review “Dimension #3 – The HARBOR” & “Principle #1 – Motivation in the Harbor” postings)

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Pull all this together and we’ll start The Plan next time!

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