Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dimension #3 - The HARBOR

Let's Talk
We will now finish our introduction to 3D Dynamics by exploring the 3rd Dimension which is the HARBOR.
As I have been developing this 3D perspective over the past 3 decades, and formalizing it over the past months, I initially chose the word "Haven" for the 3rd Dimension, which is a "safe place" to meet and interact.  But then I thought of the word...
and the kind of place it represents and the dynamics which happen in that kind of place...
and I knew I had my 3rd Dimension!

Think of a harbor you've experienced...or find an image of one from your favorite time of history.
    What do you see - hear - feel as you enter into this place?  Certainly down through the ages, the harbor has been a safe place to start out from, full of expectations; or to return to, grateful to have made the trip successfully...or to arrive at in the middle of a long voyage for restocking and refreshment. 
     Harbors are kaleidoscopes of multi-colored cultures and many languages with bustling energy, constant comings and goings, lots of excitement.  There is the vast array of cargo arriving and being packed...exotic items, precious treasures, bulky shipments of common goods.  Noise, strong fragrances, a bracing splash -mixed with the salty sea or the brisk fresh water spray.  Harbors are also places of commerce, networking, exchange of ideas.  Visions and dreams are brought to harbors to be shared, pursued, bought and sold.
     My father, who has always loved ships and ocean voyages chose for his 79th birthday to take a "container ship cruise".  He isn't into fancy, tourist type cruises - but he totally relished his 10 days on a container ship which traveled from the southeast US down the coast of South America.  He would get up in the middle of the night just to enjoy (from the deck) watching the hustle and bustle of the harbors they visited!   I feel the same way, on a smaller scale.  I love walking on the worn piers along the Florida Gulf coast, checking out the boats, seeing the day's catch, letting my imagination take me on trips
How about you...ready for a HARBOR adventure?!

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The Task
I suspect you might be wondering where in the world I am headed with this?!
What does all this have to do with how you are going to learn this language??

Okay, let's look more closely at this 3rd Dimension Dynamic, the HARBOR, in a learning context.
By describing it more fully, I think you'll see the direction we're going and begin to grasp what the task is as you leave your HOME, connect with your HOST and spend time together in your chosen HARBOR!

The HARBOR is:
* the place where HOME (remember the 1st Dimension - that's where you, the Learner, come from)
   and HOST (2nd Dimension - the people to whom you are going) meet
*  a “safe”, mutually supportive place for all participants - both HOME and HOST
*  a place of relating and networking, where shared perspectives, goals and commitments
    are explored and plans are strategically made to meet everyone's needs
*  a place where everyone gives, grows and gains as individual and mutual adventures take shape...
    and take off!

Ready for the Trip?!

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We'll be looking at a variety of tools in the coming months for how learners can effectively enter
and benefit from the HARBOR Dimension.

This week, I want to ask you, as a learner who has hopefully completed some of the Learner ID (refer back to the "Dimension #1 - HOME" posting) and who has identified one of your possible HOSTs (refer back to "Dimension #2 - The HOST" & "Principle #1 - Motivation and My Host" postings) to consider the following as you become acquainted with being in the HARBOR of your chosen learning context:
1.  What one goal do I want to share with my HOST as a starting point?
2.  What one goal would my HOST like to share with me?
3.  How can we plan to work together to meet each of these goals?
         What skills or materials do we each already have to offer?
         What training do we need to seek or give?
         What is our initial timetable?
         What are our individual responsibilities?
These are the types of considerations you'll need to process with your HOST, and the type of planning which needs to be done.  A full "Harbor Profile" is being developed - let me know if you are interested in seeing it.

PS  If you haven't done the first steps of getting in touch with yourself as Learner (HOME) or figuring out who your HOST need to do that before you can effectively move into the HARBOR!  But that's okay - I mainly wanted to introduce you to the idea today.  We'll look back together at HOME and HOST in the coming weeks as well as looking forward to what the HARBOR offers!

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That's it for this time!  

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