Friday, April 15, 2011

Dimension #1 - Home

Cross-cultural Communicators
Adventures is "3 Dimensional" Language Learning!

Let's Talk
The first place in the learning process where we are going to linger 
is within ourselves -
 getting in touch with who we are as learners.

     I was reminded of one facet of myself as learner, and got to know myself alittle better in a different context,  this past week as I worked with my new book-keeper.  She is walking me through my 2010 books, and we had to stop before we got to what I considered a good stopping point.  I'm a global person - she's heavily sequential...the stopping in the middle of our task nearly unhinged me!  Good exercise tho...always good to be reminded - or enlightened - as to who we are!
     Then there was the learner I worked with a number of years ago who was strongly active versus her husband who was a dedicated reflective analyst/desk-working person.  Yikes...that caused major fireworks until we were able to do some careful identifying of each's preferred styles, and affirm these - while acknowledging the benefits of other styles which can be learned in due course.
     More recently I was surprised when I began to work with a retired elementary school teacher who wanted to brush up on her language ability in a second language.  Before tackling the language itself, we started to look at her learning style preferences...and she was also surprised because, despite having taught others for many years, she really was not in touch with some of her own distinct preferences.
Are YOU??!!
The Task 
is language learning in a cross –cultural context. 
That context is the Host community, which we'll be looking into very soon. Before we actually go there, I want to further introduce you this week to the "3 Dimensional Dynamics" of this whole process.

Remember that "3D Dynamics" are grounded in a BIG picture perspective. 
They provide a broad, BRIGHT, full, strategically energized approach to communicating.

Let's start with Dimension #1 which is all about:
YOU, knowing yourself as the Learner,
at HOME in your own cozy, familiar culture and language.
Check out the Tools below to get you started in discovering more about this dimension.
And tune in next week for Dimension #2!

Comments anyone? Please add yours below.
This week's
1st DimensionTools
focus on You the Learner
your place of comfort, your HOME.

Tool #1
To begin your journey into discovering yourself as Learner, it's helpful to look back at language learning experiences through your life - both the formal ones (schools, classes) and the informal ones (languages your family members spoke, places you lived or visited).  For those of you who have started to work with me, look back over your Learner ID.  For others interested in this, check out the "Product Kits and Tools" page on my Global SKILLs website ( ) and contact me for more information abot this tool. 
(select the link, keep your cursor on it and it will give you the choice to go to it)
Reflecting on these formative experiences will help you be a stronger, more efffective learner in future learning adventures - especially if you take in all 3 dimensions which we'll be looking at in the coming months!

Tool #2
To begin your journey into discoveirng your HOME, the place where you are most comfortable, it's helpful to look at your learning style preferences
Check out this simple styles index: 
(select the link, keep your cursor on it and it will give you the choice to go to it)
Send me your index results and I'll give you some details to work through - or just stay tuned since we'll be looking at these on the blog also.

Comments, anyone? Please add yours below.

See you next time!

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  1. betsy, the sharing about your new bookkeeper and the relationship of learning style preferences is wonderfully clear! think i will wander on over to your website and brush up on my own learning style preferences! thank you! -k.